F5 BIG-IP Developer Edition for the win!

To assist DevOps teams improve their development for the BIG-IP platform, F5 offers a low cost developer lab license of $95 USD; this license can be purchased from your authorized F5 vendor.  If you do not have an F5 vendor, you can purchase a lab license online:


Once completed, the order is sent to F5 for fulfillment and your license will be delivered shortly after via e-mail.  F5 is investigating ways to improve this process.

To download the BIG-IP Virtual Edition, please log into downloads.f5.com (separate login from DevCentral), and navigate to your appropriate virtual edition, example:

  • For VMware Fusion/Workstation/ESXi 5.0-5.5:  BIGIP-
  • For Microsoft HyperV 2008R2/2012R2:  BIGIP-
  • For VMware vCloud Director 1.5/5.1:  BIGIP-
  • For Citrix XenServer v5.6-v6.0:  BIGIP-
  • KVM RHEL/CentoOS v6.3/6.4:  BIGIP-
  • VCloud Director: BIGIP-
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: BIGIP-


The below guides will help get you started with F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition to develop for VMWare Fusion, AWS, Azure, VMware, or Microsoft Hyper-V.  These guides follow standard practices for installing in production environments and performance recommendations change based on lower use/non-critical needs fo Dev/Lab environments.  Similar to driving a tank, use your best judgement.


Note:  F5 Support maintains authoritative Azure, AWS, Hyper-V, and ESX/vCloud installation documentation.  VMware Fusion is not an official F5-supported hypervisor so DevCentral publishes the Fusion guide with the help of our Field Systems Engineering teams.