We'll be hosting our fiscal Q4 earnings call in a few hours.  I'm just wrapping up my preparation for it while looking out the window, admiring Coal Harbour and watching the float planes take off and land.

Where is Coal Harbour you may be wondering?  Vancouver, British Columbia is the answer.  We are hosting the earnings call from here as we have our global sales conference going on in Vancouver this week.

I lived in Vancouver for a number of years and it is nice to spend a few days in the city again.  It's fun to see peoples' reaction that have not had the chance to visit the city before.  The reaction is that they are impressed by the cosmopolitan nature of the city and are taken with the physical beauty of it as well.

The only downside is that the Vancouver Canucks' schedule and my schedule did not wind up being in perfect alignment so I won't be able to take in a game while I'm here.