Just got news from the product teams that Enterprise Manager has been released.  As if you didn't know what EM is or does, here's the marketing blurb:

Enterprise Manager is a centralized device-management appliance that significantly lowers the cost and complexity of managing F5 devices. With Enterprise Manager, you can decrease day-to-day operational errors and reduce the time to complete deployment. Your return on investment can be quickly calculated by the hours saved through significantly reduced deployment times and quick recovery from operational errors.

Here's the list of new features that were added in the upcoming v1.6.0 release (expect it to hit manufacturing in April 08).

  • Support ability to push non-specific product/version upgrades or hot fixes (any IM package)
  • Support data collection for F5 support for troubleshooting
  • Provide the ability to license a new F5 device “out of the box” and to RMA a device
  • Provide an audit report showing all configuration changes made via EM
  • Enhance the high availability solution to support active/passive pairs (scheduled synch)
  • Provide ability to check for changes to signature files and push to ASM devices
  • Add support for the Medusa release (BIG-IP SAM)
  • Provide the ability to search for devices across the entire infrastructure, including nodes, VIPS, etc.

The software and release notes for EM v1.6.0 are now available on http://support.f5.com.

Lots of new goodies in this release.  If you are a customer, enjoy.  If not, then give the sales folks a call and tell them Joe sent you B-).