In the last few weeks there have been a few interviews with F5 folks that I thought you might be interested in.


In case you don't frequent the Redmond Channel Partner Online website, Columnist Lee Pender posted a write-up of a phone interview he had with F5's VP of the North America Partner Organization, Steve Hale.  F5 was lucky enough to snap Steve up from a 17 year tenure at Microsoft and he's now working on guidance for our Partners, of which there are about 300 now, to enable them to be prepared to provide services around application delivery, networking and infrastructure, and storage virtualization.  Read more about it here.


eweek-logo Another F5'er has been active this last week as well.  Chris Lynch, F5's Senior VP of Data Solutions that F5 was again lucky enough to snag up as part of our acquisition of Acopia Networks.  Chris is a very sharp guy and in this eWeek IT Link podcast, hosted by Mike Vizard, Chris talks about the need for a redesign in current enterprise infrastructure and data architectures to enable the next generation virtualized data center. 


BTW, Steve and Chris, anytime you all want to talk about Partners or data center virtualization, know that you are always welcome guests on the DevCentral Weekly Podcast!