Many of the people on my team are in the middle of a pretty hectic travel season - myself included.

After being in England and France two weeks ago, this past week I presented at the Thomas Weisel conference in San Francisco on Monday.  As an aside, the firm's founder and namesake is a cyclist and big cycling supporter. At age 66 Weisel is listed as part of the Discovery Masters Cycling Team

From there I went to New York on Tuesday for F5's analyst day presentation that took place on Wednesday.  I'm writing this as I'm sitting at the Narita airport in Japan on my way to Singapore for meetings on Monday and Tuesday.  From there it's on to Seoul for a couple more days of business and then back to Seattle.

There's a new gadget at the Narita airport security screening checkpoint when you arrive.  It's a device that is designed to scan bottles and, surprisingly, cans to ensure that their contents are safe.  My curiosity about the machine yielded a quick demo by the security person on a bottle of water that had been confiscated.  I didn't notice who manufactures the machine so my Google search on drink scanners didn't turn anything relevant up.

The F5 Investor Conference is something that we do about every 18 months or so.  Our last one was held November 2005. Attendance at the one this week was great - just under one hundred people were there.  Next time we do it I want to have more F5 branding visible as it is becoming a larger event.

We presented our finances which didn't have any new information with the exception of providing additional detail on some of the expenses behind the GAAP non-GAAP debacle we had on the heels of our last earnings release.  That additional information is something all the analysts were asking us to provide ever since our earnings call so that they can continue to model our company in their non-GAAP world.  One investor told me that his company was unable to invest in F5 due to the information void - that is really frustrating.  Hopefully we've got the issue behind us and will be able to disclose enough on our earnings call to not run into the same problem in the future.  We also talked about the market, competitive landscape, how were're going to market and gave more details about our roadmap.

The questions we got were mainly around growth of the market and people trying to identify what catalysts are out there that may alter our growth rate.  Overall pretty positive tone from the conference and the analyst notes that came out after it were all upbeat.

I'm looking forward to some chili crab in Singapore.