Each year, the Seattle Times runs a poll to determine who the top employers are in the Seattle area.  Last year F5 did very well being selected tops in several categories.  Like last year, in 2007 F5 did very well and was selected tops in 4 categories:

Today we got an email from our management thanking us for casting our votes, but I want to turn it back on them.  Thanks to the management for making F5 such a great place to work for the last decade!  I stared at F5 when the company had around 20 employees.  We are now at 1600+ with offices worldwide and it still has the buzz and excitement of the early days.  Sure, we have a couple more products than we did back then, but that makes things that much more fun. 

BTW, if you haven't been to one of our happy hours, let me know and next time you are in the neighborhood, I'll try to sneak you in B-).


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