A few weeks ago, Robert Scoble and Charles Torre from Channel 9 stopped by F5 with their video camera and we chatted about iControl, iRules, DevCentral, and F5 in general.

For those who don't know what Channel 9 is, well, first of all, where have you been??? Channel 9, is run by a team at Microsoft who's goal is to provide a "cockpit" view into Microsoft. They interview on video everyone they can from inside (and now outside) the company. This is not a marketing site, but a community. They've got insights into future product lines as well as glimpses into the past within the company. The interviews are mainly tech-oriented, but they do not limit it. It's not often you'll see candid interviews with Steve Balmer and Bill Gates! Check it out!

Robert then blogged it about it after his visit with regards to his blogging service being down for a period of time.

Well, the video just went live on Channel 9. Head over and check it out!

Now, we're waiting for our invite from those guys so that we can visit them in Redmond to get a bit for DevCentral TV