A few of us are either already in NYC or heading there later today to ring the opening "bell" at NASDAQ tomorrow.  There really isn't a bell and since it's an electronic exchange there isn't a trading floor like the NYSE filled with people and paper flying all over the place.  Having watched others do it, we'll be in a studio in front of a bunch of monitors and we'll have John write the company name on the screen sort of like contestants on Jeopardy do.  The opening will also appear on the big screen in Usually the clip is picked on financial news shows such as Squawk Box.

This is quite an occasion for the company.  When I joined, F5 was about a total of 10 people.  Today we have about 1,000 employees worldwide and are celebrating the company's 10th anniversary by opening NASDAQ.  We should all feel very proud of what we've achieved and even more proud of what we know we can do in the future.

I may even have to stop at the Wall Street Bull!