F5 offers security solutions for AWS customers who use the platform's hosting and load balancing services along with the AWS WAF offering.

F5 Rules for AWS WAF - Web exploits OWASP Rules
F5 Rules for AWS WAF - Bot Protection Rules
F5 Rules for AWS WAF - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
F5 Rules for AWS WAF - API Security Rules

With the recent addition of logging capabilities of requests that had a match with one of the rule sets, there is now an option to:

  1. See the full request that had a match with the rule ID.
  2. Understand the attack type that relates to the rule ID.
  3. Remove specific rule ID from the rule set in the case it generates false positives.

The following CSV maps between rule IDs and attack types, and will help customers of the F5 Rules for AWS WAF products to better manage rule exclusions in their Access Lists.


For more details on AWS-WAF logging configuration please visit: