I saw this Interesting article from the BBC this morning. As a frequent traveler I have signed up for temporary Hot Spot access from services providers on occasion . More frequently, I use wireless access provided by hotels or airline lounges. I've wondered how long until Pirate Hot Spots show up and present a login screen that looks just like a legitimate service provider's. Unknowing users would attempt to log in only to have their credentials harvested and resold. Even worse, the priate could actually provide service but capture all the traffic as it flows through the hot spot and use it for illegal activity.

Today we can protect company information, even if it does happen to flow through a fake or "evil twin" hot spot, as BBC calls them, by having all remote access come through FirePass. As far as preventing the harvesting of user credentials for legitimate service provider hot spots without imposing pain on the end user, I'm sure one of our developers here has some ideas.