Now that Jason has blogged about me leaving the team, I’ll chime in with my “cool things coming” post. As of the first of May, I am the shiny new member of the Technical Marketing Team. 

I’m really pleased with the change and its timing. I was able to go out on the high note of the release of the new DevCentral, and felt like I had an impact on its delivery, and now I can move off and start my new role fresh. You’ll note the blog regularity since the first of the month, I hope to continue that trend, but needs of the company/team/role might impact that goal, we’ll have to see where this takes me.

During my three years on the DevCentral team I was party to two major revisions to the site, development of some super-secret stuff, bringing on some great contributors, and some labs that I’m pretty proud of – even though as labs they are proof-of-concept and not completed solutions (always did want to make the Blackberry monitor application into a full blown management app, just never had the time). That and some documents to help the community get more out of their F5 gear – and maybe a few overly snarky blogs. Just a few.

The team has some great members on it, and since I’ll still be blogging and they’ll be doing what they do, you’re unlikely to notice much change on the community member end. Hopefully that’s good news to you. I’ll even miss Scott, who “Never really liked me”. ;-) Still think he rocked the tutorial page video player, and should be commended loudly for it.

So farewell to my DevCentral Teammates, it has been an experience… But don’t count me out yet, the new boss has ideas for me. I don’t think they include a clown suit, but I guess you never know :-).

I’ll leave you with a couple of “blast from the past” DC images that I downloaded for one reason or another over the years…

Everybody’s favorite top-right image!     


The wayback machine says this F5 DevCentral logo was once cool.


Yeah, I linked that last one.

And thanks to Jason for the fond farewell. I am but a Skype-click away.