I spent Wednesday with stock analysts as part of a financial conference that took place in Boston. We do this sort of thing on a regular basis.

When the company is doing well - meeting or exceeding our targets, the analysts tend to spend a lot of time trying to determine the relative value of different rumors about your company or market that they have heard "on the street". A typical question we got today was "you guys are doing well, so what's up with the stock?" Wish I had a simple answer. Bottom line is we don't control stock price - the market does. We just have to deliver results and the market takes it from there.

The interesting thing is that with the changes in the regulatory environment that are meant to ensure that everyone gets access to new information simultaneously, you can't comment on stuff that is flying around whether it's true or not. In my opinion, the financial market is incredibly efficient when it comes to finding ways to make money, and it seems to be using this "no comment" situation to create opportunity and then exploit the resulting movements since the market makes money on movement, either up or down.