As others have already noted, we're all together in Seattle this week (read: Don has come to Seattle this week and the rest of the team kindly set aside time to work with him), evaluating what we see as important ways that we serve you and deciding on next steps in the evolution of DevCentral. I really, really wish you were here. The one thing that I recall every time this team is together is that I'm having fun because we're all having fun. We're meeting (and thanks to you often exceeding) the goals we've set for DevCentral precisely because we view our work as play.

I can't talk too much about the content bits, since the boss wants us to get them done first (imagine that!), so I'll focus on the "fun" part. They're all razzing me about butter burgers, but you should have seen the piles-o-meat that they wallowed through last night. When the boy from Wisconsin says "that's too much meat", you know it's a lot, and yet when Joe and I quit eating, the parade of meats continued. ;-) And they give me a hassle about butter burgers.

Yesterday we pretty much sat down in a conference room, picked a bunch of topics we had uncovered on Tuesday as Very Important Stuff, and started knocking it out. The day was Uber-productive (and on this team, that's saying a lot) and started showing you some benefit of our time together. Expect to start seeing changes on the site nearly immediately. Granted, we're not talking massive system upgrade, but sometimes the best changes are small ones that make your life more interesting or easier. Some of those were in yesterday's workload.

We've started discussing more sweeping changes too, and as Joe and I mentioned in our podcast two weeks ago, if you have ideas on how to make our community more useful and enjoyable - be it new features, changes in site design, items of content you'd like to see more of, what ever, don't hesitate to contact me at dmacvittie at f5 dot com.

We're revved up, we've got a focus, we have ideas of what's most important, more of your input would crystallize our understanding. So drop us a line. In fact, drop any of us a line at any time, knowing what you find essential in our community is important, because the community is about you.

Did I mention that Jeff now has the Seth Godin Action Figure? He was sending us links to Seth's blog so often that he put a disclaimer in an email saying "no, I don't own the Seth Godin action figure or anything", so of course one of us was going to remedy that problem. Kudos to Joe for getting it, and now the rest of us have to one-up him. I'm thinking we should have Seth in so Jeff can get pictures with him... Or maybe I'll just photo-shop Jeff into one of Seth's pictures.

Seriously though, I'm not marketing weenie, I'm just a tech guy that likes to write, but a lot of what Seth has to say makes sense. It's worth checking out.

Off to implement some of those changes.


/Imbibing: Mountain Dew (though my cold dictates I should have water)

/Reading: The Jackal of Nar by John Marco