I'm an IT engineer inside F5 responsible for managing F5 hardware on the network. I've got some cool toys to play with, and some great networks to beat on. In addition, we're still at a size where I can (mostly) manage most of the projects from end to end, so I get to do a lot of real-world integration of products as our development group dreams it up.

Today I spent most of the morning focusing on helping move the Devcentral website from one datacenter to another. Colin will be posting a dctv video in a few minutes discussing the exciting work we did (I had about 30 seconds of actual work to do... he almost missed it! ;-))

I come from a firewall background, with experience in commercial firewall devices, as well as a lot of layer 2 and layer 3 switching and routing before I arrived at F5. I'm learning the ropes of Layer 4-7, and discovering that most of what I thought about a Layer 7 application defense is babysteps compared to what I can do now.

It's amazing how over 15 years of tinkering has led me to a place where I'm playing with 10GbE fiber and virtualized application delivery space; I have physical devices on 3 continents, and customers to support on all of them. I get to talk every day with the developers that make LTM hardware, and give my opinion when I can get a word in edgewise.

The DevCentral team has asked me to slide into the community conversation as well -- to try to give some input into the conversation from this point of view as well. I am not an irules developer, although I'm learning. I do operate at layers 1 - 4 reasonably well, and while I don't understand Objects from Flows from Parameters completely, that's why I've got the crack F5 ASE team, and I'll get there soon.

Nice to meet you all, and looking forward to talking about some of my day-to-day excitement soon.