Today I gave a remote presentation on iControl/iRules to one of our customers in the New York area. The topic was an overview of iControl and was told there would be 20 or so developers present. Our good old PM Jeff was conveniently presenting in Europe this week and volunteered me for the job (Jeff, you better do some blogging about the trip!). Actually, I enjoy interacting with customers and this gave me another chance to see if anything stuck from my last presentation skills training class.

Anyway, I just returned off paternity leave a few days ago and wasn't able to make the trip out to the east coast and it turned out doing it over the phone was going to work so it went on as planned.

I think the presentation went well but I would have preferred to be there in person. There's something you miss by not being to look into your audiences eyes. If any DC users were present on the call, let me know what you thought B-). -Joe

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