Forrester is having a contest based upon the book Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies, which was written by two Forrester Analysts.

We discussed entering the Awards, and were reticent to throw DevCentral into the ring, just because we are rather busy and it would be a non-trivial endeavor to do it right. But in the course of our discussion it came up that submitting wasn't about us, it was about you.

Many of you have invested your time and effort making DevCentral the great place to hang out that it is today, and we owed it to you to recognize that fact.

Of course, once we came to that conclusion we decided to enter, and in true DevCentral team fashion, once we decided to enter, we decided to win. Mostly for you, but we are not ego-less, so there is an element of self interest there also.

You can get involved as much or as little as you like, as with everything at DevCentral, it is up to you. We have created forums for you to talk about how DevCentral has helped you, what you like, and even what you don't like. We have created the Forrester Groundswell Submission Page to give you information about the contest and our submission to it, and we have offered, from that page, links so that you can vote for DevCentral on the Forrester site, learn more about the contest, and learn more about the Groundswell book.

So drop by the page and check it out, if you're so inclined, go vote for us (or dare I say another entry?), and drop by the forums to share your experiences, joys, and even angst.

Think of the effort we put into it as a huge thank you to those of you who take your time to contribute here. The site is a blast to be a part of, and without you it would be naught but another corporate website - albiet with cooler technologies than most.

And I can't say for certain, but the boss has kicked around the idea of indicating if you were a user on the day we submitted our entry (today) in your forum user information. Assuming we win, of course, but we feel that the power of all of you is a compelling story. Then with every post you'd be showing people that you helped win. It's not much, but it too would be a thank you.

I speak for the entire staff when I say that DevCentral is what it is because you - from all across the world, in nearly every time zone, in many different verticals markets - choose to come here and help each other solve problems, and we Thank you for making our jobs so enjoyable.

Note that we submitted our entry today, and Forrester says our entry will be live on their site within three business days, so it may not be available quite yet, but all of the features created for entry on DevCentral are live right now.

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