Color me shocked! Google's now being sued under claims that "Google acted negligently and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on the public". This is an awfully severe accusation to be placed on a service offered to the public for free, and driven by the pubic's own whims.

This overbearing monster of a corporation intentionally inflicting harm upon the poor peasants that flock to their service out of pure need is obviously not the Google I've been using for years. Not only are there more search engine choices than any single person could possiby need, but Google in particular has not become the standard of comparison because of opressive operating tactics and a desire to 'intentionally inflict emotional distress'. By offering a reliable, fast, usable, free service that users enjoy and depend on, they have built a name for themselves in the marketplace. I would wager that if they were indeed causing 'emotional distress', then the very public that has lifted them on their shoulders to their current status, would have shucked them off in favor of a new tool of choice.

My distaste comes less from a concern that this suit could actually lead to some harm to Google, as I firmly believe these unfounded accusations will falter and dissipate much lie the careers of those leveraging them unjustly. I was more inspired by the acidic taste I suddenly experienced in the back of my throat due to the violent, gutteral reaction I had to the very thought of some parasitic lawsuit on a company that's been brought to fame due to their technological superiority, good marketing, and the public opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I want some of the Billions the big G's been raking in too. ;) That doesn't mean I'm going to sue them to get it, though.

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