The following is an actual IM conversation with a friend. The name has been changed to protect the guilty, but this person had many, many original printed works on his computer.

[12:45] dmacvittie1: Feel better? Crappy day, so if it works, I'll try it ;-).
[12:46] friend: HARD
[12:46] friend: DRIVE
[12:46] friend: ON
[12:46] friend: FIRE
[12:46] friend: FIRE DON
[12:46] friend: FIRE
[12:46] friend: FLAMES
[12:46] friend: BURNING MY
[12:46] friend: HARD DRIVE
[12:46] friend: YEARS OF WORK
[12:46] friend: PICTURES
[12:46] friend: EMAILS
[12:46] friend: GONE
[12:46] friend: FIRE
[12:46] friend: :@ :@ :@ :@
[12:47] dmacvittie1: backups?
[12:47] friend: AHAAHAHAHAHAHA
[12:47] dmacvittie1: marshmallows?
[12:48] friend: might as well

[12:56] friend: I worked on my computer in haste
[12:57] friend: I dropped +9v intended for a PCIe power booster plug onto -5v rail intended for my hard drive
[12:57] friend: FOOF
[12:57] friend: it is a miracle of god that I still have a computer
[12:57] dmacvittie1: You're tomorrow's blog post, btw... Love that intro. ;-)
[12:57] friend: well a desktop, I've got plenty of computers around to use
[12:57] friend: I'm do what now?


[13:10] friend: oh that's only a couple toppings of this insanity salad I've been wolfing down the last two weeks...

What more can one say to that other than: "Remember kiddies, back up your hard drive regularly, or you will pay for it!" He certainly knew better, and certainly had the gear to keep a backup. My home machines get backed up to a 1 Terabyte USB disk. My work machines? Well... Errr... Lemme call IT...



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