So we have a pretty good relationship with Gartner overall, thanks to the efforts of Mel, our wonderful AR person.

But just as when I was in the enterprise, they sometimes make me shake my head in wonder.

Yesterday they pronounced that multi-core was outstripping the ability of software to keep up, and developers were going to great lengths to try and keep up.

Huh. Wonder where we've heard that before...

My issue isn't that we came to the same conclusions and they're months behind me, not a problem. My issue is that they're supposed to be guiding the enterprise, and this issue wasn't new when I started blogging about it, I just happened to notice that no one was talking about a problem sitting in your data center, so I started the conversation. As an analyst firm, they should be telling their customers what is coming at them, not telling them to play catch-up.

Not that I'm against Gartner bringing it up - the more conversation there is, the more it will seem like a good idea to resolve the problem. Right now you're wasting CPU cycles, I'd prefer they got used, for all of our benefit.

Anyway, back to another secret project. Watch this space for updates!

Also have some more Multi-Core entries to work on, when time frees up a bit.