It's finally time to enjoy the Summer...of code.

Ahh yes, that lovely time of year when the rains dry up, the leaves have bloomed and the sun shines brightly on the smiling faces of geeks the world over (at least in this hemisphere...). Yes it's time for Summer already. Not just any Summer, mind you, but Google's Summer of Code.

Google's out to entice student developers to contribute to the open source cause by either contributing to established projects, or stewing something of their own in those ingenious minds. What incentives are they giving you ask? Fame! Fortune! World Dominataion! Well, ok, so a stipend, anyway, but still...that's pretty nice. ;) Especially when you take into account the fact that last year this program reached out to 400 students from 49 countries worldwide. Not too shabby!

So if you know your way around a multidimensional associative array, or want to toss your computational prowess in the ring (loop? har), check it out and see if it TCLs your fancy. ;)

Code hard,