We're always scratching our heads thinking about new ways to help our users. We also ping DevCentral members from time to time to get insight into what might help them most. F5 developers regularly come up with great ideas to make using our products easier. And, we even have active community members pushing new ideas.

The absolutely cool new "Wiki" section of DevCentral is a culmination of feedback and ideas from all of these sources. This new section provides the most incredible collection of iRules documentation available. How about virtually EVERYTHING you can do with the HTTP profile? Or, have you been wondering where you could find a complete list of iRule Events, organized by profile and featuring example iRules and syntax that show how they work? (here's a cool example...)

Special thanks to some of the core BIG-IP architects and developers here (especially "unRuley", "Bl0ndie", and "Dr. Teeth") for really pushing this idea as well to the "usual suspects" ("Colin" and "Joe") for their hard work writing the code and building out the site. Our TechPubs team was incredibly helpful as well, working plenty of extra hours migrating much of the documentation from our standard docs to the wiki section.

Finally, major recognition goes out to one of our very active community members - "Brandorr" - for his tireless advocacy of a wiki. We look forward to your contributions Brandorr as well as additional contributions from other DevCentral community members.

What's cool about the "Wiki" is that it makes it possible to share your samples, ideas, and recommendations on the best ways to design, build, and deploy iRules. To learn how, visit this section (free registration and login required). So, check it out and tell us what you think! We think you'll like what you see...