So my Netvibes page used to have a ComputerWorld feed on it, but I'm taking it off as soon as I'm done with this post.

Today they shipped across a "Get a free PDF copy of Virtualization for Dummies from ComputerWorld and AMD!" headline. I'm always on the lookout for good stuff for you, and Virtualization is a timely topic, so I followed the links. I didn't want to post a resource you couldn't use.

Of course they want your personal information, it is ComputerWorld after all, but I figured I'd sacrifice for you all, and filled it out. Imagine my surprise when it was a 50 page PDF. I thought to myself "self, this isn't likely the length of this book". I've never read it, having been in Virtualization before the book was published, but I was pretty certain the publisher wasn't paying the overhead for a 50 page dead-tree book. I checked the end of the PDF, and the 50 pages include a back cover.

So I hopped out to Amazon and checked. Yep. The actual book is listed as 392 pages.

So while I can't give you a link to a free PDF to get you started if Virtualization is something you're interested in, all I can recommend is ignore ComputerWorld and head out to Amazon to buy the book for 20 bucks.

We all get it that publishers are struggling, but presenting the book 100% like it is the actual book is downright lying. So I'm removing the ComputerWorld feed from Netvibes. If I can't trust you, you certainly aren't going to be my source for tech information.


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