glassfish For those who haven't heard of Sun's GlassFish project, instead of trying to describe it myself, I'll reprint the overview from their dev site.

GlassFish is a free, open source application server which implements the newest features in the Java EE 5 platform. The Java EE 5 platform includes the latest versions of technologies such as such as JavaServer Pages(JSP) 2.1, JavaServer Faces(JSF) 1.2, Servlet 2.5, Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0, Java API for Web Services(JAX-WS) 2.0, Java Architecture for XML Binding(JAXB) 2.0, Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform 1.0, and many other new  technologies. 

I personally haven't used GlassFish yet, but what caught my attention was this excellent blog post titled "Setting up Load Balancing and Highly Available Cluster in GlassFish v2"  If you are interested in setting up GlassFish in a cluster environment, this article is a must-read.

If work your way down to step 3.a, you'll see a link to this blog entry titled "Load balancing for Glassfish V2 deployments using BIG-IP System".  It provides a very detailed walk through on configuring your BIG-IP for a GlassFish Application Server deployment!  Hat's off to the blog author.

The only issue I have for this article is that it describes how to configure BIG-IP v4.x that, as far as I know, is not for sale anymore so hopefully all of the users out there have an old v4.x system to setup.  Maybe we can get the Sun folks who wrote this article to upgrade their documentation to a current BIG-IP product version (v9.4.x).


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