Well, it's been an exciting week all around!

Amazon had their little stumble, and that got the conjecture/rumor mills running, Apple is talking about all sorts of new stuff, and the much bally-hooed 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons was released (with a tribute to Gary, good call guys).

I read the news on Amazon and Apple, talked to some of my contacts to find out more inside information just because happenings in high-tech interest me, and stood in line at the FLGS at midnight with a guy lovingly called The Ninja to get our copies (and Lori's) of D&D 4E.

And personally, I got an article placed in a publication that I've thought I'd like to get something placed with for a while, on a topic that I'm passionate about, good stuff. Top all that off with the fact that I'm headed out on vacation as soon as I post this, and that's a pretty good week.

While I'm out, you'll need some reading - you do all come here just to read what I write, correct? So I thought I'd leave you some pointers to some of the other great stuff on DevCentral. Our team rocks, so finding great stuff isn't nearly as difficult as keeping it down to blog-post length!

There's another hit for the DC Post of the Week - If you haven't been following Deb and Colin on these, you should. They take a good thread from the forums and expound upon all of the possible solutions.

Colin has a great article on forcing download (as opposed to display) of certain file types: Content-Disposition. If I recall correctly, this article was spawned by last week's Post of the Week.

Lori brings your attention to a problem with some routers supposedly caused by Windows XP SP3 in her blog.

While we're speaking of Lori, I've probably mentioned this one before, but her Unifying Rest Access article is great if you're a BIG-IP user with a REST architecture.

And finally, Joe's bit on Self IPs gives you all you need to know about the Self IP interfaces for iControl. A good reference to have if you need to twiddle with self-IPs from code.

Me? I'll be at home catching up on all sorts of stuff I should have done months ago, then Lori and I are going to head out to Vegas for a couple of days to meet with some other geeks (we're bringing 4th Ed D&D books and our C&C books, so that kind of geeks).

Until then, enjoy the above reading, it's good stuff.


/reading: Keeper of Dreams, Orson Scott Card.