Last night was a very wet bike commute home!  Fortunately it wasn't too cold.

I've written about one of the last portions of my commute previously here.  Last night there was a new twist.  With all the rainfall the ground is really saturated .  That leads to trees falling over because their root system isn't very deep.  Last night one fell down across the bike path.  Not a big deal, right?  Unfortunately, this tree decided to fall in a portion of the forest near the bottom of a hill at about chest height.  Needless to say, the combination of wet, dark and downhill combined to make for an interesting sequence of events!  I didn't fall or get impaled but came close.

When I got home, I surfed around wondering who the appropriate agency was to let know about this hazard since the path crosses different towns and unincorporated areas of King County.  When I composed an email I used Microsoft's Live Local to add a  link to where the tree was blocking the path.  The person I emailed responded very quickly and arranged for a maintenance crew to be dispatched this morning to take care of the tree.  Without the exact location there would have been question about which agency had responsibility as it is very close to where 3 different town and county boundaries meet.

I suppose I could have used Google Maps but being able to add a push pin to specify a location and then send the link to someone so they can see it made Microsoft's offering eliminate any confusion and speed the removal of the tree so nobody else runs into it.

I've been using Novara "Stratos" rain jacket and pants that I picked up from REI for days like this and they really work well.