This deal is too good to miss out on.  Go to and load up your shopping cart to at least $30 and upon checkout you'll be presented with the option to use Google Checkout to pay for your order.  For the hastle, you'll get an immediate $10 off your order (mininum purchase of $30). 

If you are willing to trust Google with your credit card info, then the $10 is all yours!

I just purchased a Kingston 2GB SD card for $36.95 which comes with a $9 mail in rebate.  With no tax, no shipping, and the $10 credit, that brings me a full 2GB for $17.95.  Granted, it's not a Ultra-II high speed card, but for under $18 it's a steal!

Also this is not a one-time offer, it seems there is no limit to the number of times you can use it.  If you've got a couple of items you want to buy, just put them in separate orders totalling more than $30 each, and you'll get the credit for each order.  I've made three purchases in the last few days and received the credit on each order.

I think I read somewhere that this would be valid all of October but I'd take advantage of it before it goes...


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