This week Google announced that Chrome is now going to support extensions and plug-ins.  Early design documents and reference materials have been released and I'm looking forward to seeing what gets developed.  I downloaded and installed Chrome shortly after it was released as I was interested in the performance enhancements available.  I hate to admit that unfortunately I haven't used Chrome much primarily due to the lack of extensions - specifically one extension.

The extension that I use more than any other is HttpWatch.  Being able to view all the headers and cache settings is invaluable when troubleshooting and analysing a web applications performance.  Without the ability  to access this information in Chrome I continue to use IE and Firefox as my primary browsers and haven't used Chrome in months.  Once I can get a plugi-n that provides this information in Chrome I may be able to start using it more frequently.  If I was a developer I would write the extension myself but instead I eagerly await the notification that this much needed extension is available.