Google takes aim at your last place of ad-free solitute - Gaming.

google_games Ads, you know what they are.  You are surrounded by them day in and day out.  Whether you are watching TV/movies, browsing a website, reading email, or reading your favorite blog, they are there to greet you.  In the past, we've always had at least one place we could go to escape the assault of ads on our life - gaming.  Well, you better enjoy it while it lasts because Google aims to take that refuge away from you with it's Google In-Game Advertising initiative.

Whether you are a marketer wanting to extend the reach of your video ads, drive your brand, or reach the new generation of social gamers Google has you covered with it's AdWords In-Game ad campaigns.

Or, if you are a publisher that would like to join a network tailored for web-based games, access campaigns from the world's top brands, fill up 100% of you remnant inventory, and filter out unwanted ads, then they have you covered as well with AdSense for Games.

So, next time you login to FaceBook to kick back with a few rounds of Scramble or Pathwords, be on the watch out for some embedded ads for your viewing pleasure.  Google knew how much you were missing out on them during your game play and they aim help you out in the very near future!

Enjoy the ads folks!