Well I knew it couldn't be all sunshine and roses. I started poking around looking at more info on the new phone from T-Mobile and Google, the G1, that I was just talking excitedly about an hour or so ago. So far first impressions have been resoundingly positive which is awesome, to say the least. There's always a catch though, isn't there?

Cynical geeks across the globe were heard howling in distaste the second they discovered that the new G1 has opted to not include a standard headphone jack in favor of the proprietary connector they favor. What's that? A media phone with MP3 storage/downloading that you have to buy new headphones or at least an adapter for? Ick.

Check it out over on engadget.

Honestly that's not a showstopper for me, but seems kind of silly. Maybe there's a good reason. You know, aside from increasing profit.