File this one with everything else in “Cyber Security Meets Gangsta Rap”

Earlier this year, Rap diety Snoop Dogg (that’s DOUBLE-G, YO) teamed up with Norton on a project called ‘HACK IS WACK’.  The aim was to get amateur rappers to submit anti-cybercrime videos.  The “Winner” would be announced on October 20th.

They succeeded in getting about 200 videos uploaded, so kudos to them.  The quality of the submissions, however, is ahem, um, well, let’s just point out that no video received more than 2 of 5 starsSo Many Haters.  Snoop is probably disappointed. 

Since we don’t know the winner, here’s my personal favorite: “Hack is Wack, Pay Me Back” (disclaimer, has images of people hitting other people, also may contain awkward rhyme schemes).

But the funniest, and perhaps most predicable part of this bizzarre, sloppy project, is that the HackIsWack site was infested with security problems from the beginning.  Here’s a breakdown of the CSRF violations in a much better write-up than I’m doing right now.

Man, that IS Wack.

This material originally brought to my attention by John Hall.