Spring break is here for the kids and we didn't have any big trips planned so we decided last minute to take a drive from Seattle down to Portland, Oregon for a couple of days. We ended up at the Embassy Suites in downtown which we had stayed at before and liked because of the pool facilities and the included breakfast and afternoon drinks.

We arrived on Monday afternoon and needed a place to grab some quick dinner and were looking over the brochures at the hotel and we came across one for Old Town Pizza that was just a couple of blocks away. It didn't take much more than the word "Pizza" to get my and my kids excitement up, but it was the adjective on the pizza that really got them going - "Haunted". Ok, not only were we going to get Portlands best pizza, but we might get to see some ghosts as well! Done deal...

We walked the couple of blocks and arrived. Man, what a neat atmosphere. The picture above pretty much does the place justice. Oh, and the pizza was excellent as well. A couple of beers later, I swore I smelled the perfume that was said to be Nina's (pronounced "Nigh-na") calling card. But, everyone else thought I was crazy.

Anyway, if you are ever in the Old Town area in downtown Portland, I'd highly recommend visiting Old Town Pizza. Great food!!! Oh, and if you see Nina, tell her I said Hi!