Yeah, I’ve been putting the baby to bed most nights lately, and yeah, that was a Goldilocks reference.

In the slew of new versions and products that we’ve been talking about, I didn’t want you all to miss what is (to me) some of the biggest news this month – the ARX 2000 and DMOS 5.1.ARX2000.Picture

I’ve blogged a bit on why you might need File Virtualization, and our smart product management people have listened to your needs and produced a box that sits right in the middle of our product line to meet the needs of those whose data problems are large  for an ARX 1000, but don’t quite need the ARX 4000 yet.

This little box packs a lot of punch in a 2U device – twice the performance and capabilities of the ARX 1000, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, and twice the max users of the ARX 1000. It comes with 12 GigE ports and can handle more than four gigabits of throughput. If you’re thinking of an ARX 2000 instead of the higher-end 4000, what you need to know is that the 2000 has no 10 Gig support and less users/throughput than the 4000. Talk to your sales rep to figure out what box is best for you.

Coinciding with the release of the ARX 2000, DMOS 5.1 came along also. There is added support for NTLM v2 and Windows 2008 Domain Controllers, CIFS connection multiplexing to give more users simultaneous access to connection-limited devices behind the ARX, support for Windows 2008 Clusters, and support for Windows 7 clients. DMOS 5.1 is available for all of the ARX product family, but comes pre-installed on ARX 2000 machines.

I don’t have my box to play with yet, but you can assume you’ll be hearing more from me about DMOS 5.1 in the near future.

Sound market-ty? Yeah a bit, but I like new toys, so give me a break :-)

I’m hearing rumblings of Lori and my ARX being about ready – not a 2000, we don’t have that much need for sure, but one we can play with. So keep your eyes glued to this space. Ah! No! No bathroom breaks!