As long as I'm blogging, I thought I'd drop the Google API on you again. The AJAX model with a vision of the future, compliments of The Register.

It's not that GWT is supposed to write Javascript better than humans - since line-numbered basic made programming "easier" there have been people who wrote code that shouldn't, so claiming it's better than most coders is just funny. It's not that it writes more efficient code - that's good, the 'Net is already full of garbage, but frankly if it can't randomly kill the VOIP connections of all those WoW groups, we won't notice the difference on a few web pages.

So why is this huge? Because GWT makes it easy to develop AJAX based applications. Rather easy. As in "here come a bunch more AJAX apps because Google made them so easy to write". And AJAX, as we all know, has the triple whammy of XML, JavaScript, and constant updates. That means a ton of traffic.

Make certain you're ready. Could your infrastructure handle it if suddenly every page you had got a refresh metatag at the top of it? Well for all intents and purposes, AJAX does that - only worse because each dynamically generated AJAX window is refreshing independently. Tools like WebAccelerator can help this by expanding the number of connections to the browser, but still, servers and infrastructure will be busier.

It's going to be fun in the next couple of years. The web needed AJAX, but the Net might not be ready. Make sure you are.


(yeah, I realized hadn't blogged in three weeks and wanted something more generally interesting than "Check out our Blackberry app!" which is great if you're a customer and a BB owner, but otherwise not too exciting)