In a world that seems to be filled with more glitz, glam, and performance-enhancing drugs than substance these days, it can be hard to find real heroes worth cheering for. Well, I'm cheering - and hoping - for Steve Fossett, the record-setting adventurer who disappeared Monday during a routine flight over Nevada. Many news agencies have copied each other publishing the same details (which are limited so far). You can choose your favorite source here.

Why is Steve Fossett a hero? Well, he sets out to do things that challenge the acceptance of limitations and defines success simply by time, space, and his own definitions. He's usually referred to as a "billionaire tycoon" but I'm sure if you asked him, the money is simply a means to an end. His focus to do more... to accomplish more... and expand our collective sense of what's possible is rare. According to most accounts, he is a very modest individual which in itself is something I consider required to be heroic. Fossett inspires many to do more while realizing that limitations are simply a hurdle in one's imagination and that success has almost everything to do with commitment, preparation, hard work, and perseverance.

In a sound byte society that likes to use sensational terms like "thrill seeker", I find these comments by Steven incredibly refreshing...

He is known for his fearlessness, but says he's actually a risk adverse person. "I don't do any of this for the thrills. I'm doing them for the personal achievement," he said.

"I imagine that when I'm 80 years old and sitting in a wheelchair that I might do something like take a remote control airplane and try and fly it around the world," he said. "I plan to be setting and breaking records indefinitely."

(from CNN)

Good luck Steve - many are anxious to hear from you soon.