Nine months is forever in the world of high tech. Innovations and product changes happen quickly, and there's always something new and exciting happening.

Nine months is also forever when you're expecting, and just as excitement builds during the last weeks before the launch of a new product like VIPRION, so does the excitement build in the last weeks before it's time to "launch" a new member of the family.

Imagine both happening at the same time. Biggest stress over the past week? Worrying about going into labor before product launch day and yet wishing I would anyway. As I said, 9 months is a l o n g time.

But now that VIPRION is launched it's time to take care of that other launch, which means a couple of months hiatus from work and blogging for me. Next week is d-day, no matter what, so I'm outta here for a while. That's right - at least two months without some kind of a blog entry from me on iRules, SOA, XML, security, or application delivery.

I'll be back at the end of March and in the meantime I'm sure our great DevCentral Team will continue to post insightful tech tips, articles, and other tidbits to keep you occupied.

See ya in March!

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