Ahhhh Home again, home again...

Well I couldn't exactly use "Back in the saddle", after Don used it coming back from his time off, could I? ;)

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and everyone here on the DevCentral team is cranking away.  There's a new roundup to check out, several new Tech Tips, some great blog posts, and even a new video. Phew! If that isn't enough content for you, well, we've got even more coming, so keep a keen eye out.

I'm finally caught up from my three weeks away, and as much as I love traveling, it's always nice to get home and get settled back into a routine of sorts.  Work is busy in the best of ways, the band is gigging this weekend, and my gaming rig is even mostly(I will kill that wireless card someday) working.  What's to complain about?

A few things worth checking out from the past week, in case you missed them:

A new Viprion - Unboxed video.  This one using a from the factory, still sealed system.
Our Weekly Roundup.  Always a good place to find out what everyone's up to.
iRules Session command/table Tech Tip.  Increase your iRule fu.
A couple very cool forum posts, worth checking out
A great codeshare entry. Simple yet handy.

We'll keep it coming, you keep reading/watching/loving it...deal?