I'm off Monday to Boston for SD Best Practices. This is the first time I (and F5) have been at the show, and we're all excited about the opportunity to meet some new folks.

Monday is a busy day, with travel and our keynote, "The Best Kept Secret in Building Scalable Applications." Wednesday, fellow blogger Colin and I will be running a technical session on the "9 Things You Can Do to Build Scalable Applications (and 3 You Can't)" that promises to be a lot of fun.

In between our speaking engagements, we'll be hanging out at the show, wandering around and checking out sessions. If you're going to SD BP, stop by our booth and say hello! Grab some swag or a copy of "XAML in a Nutshell" and ask about the best kept secret in building scalable applications. We'll tell you all about it, because we're hoping it doesn't stay a secret forever.

The blogging will be light next week, necessarily, but I hope to shoot out some real time blog updates and tweets in case you're wondering what's up and what's going on.

Hope to see you in Boston! And if I don't, have a great week and try to keep out of trouble.

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