A few months back we participated in a round of "best practices" testing surrounding accelerating SharePoint with HP. The results were extremely impressive, and are documented in this whitepaper.


The original purpose of this testing was to truly determine if the SharePoint acceleration technologies, specifically the one developed by F5, improved performance enough to be built into HP's suggested architectures. Needless to say, the testing went very well and the results speak for themselves. Take a look!

I happened to be one of the two F5 engineers that were dedicated to this project, and I have to mention that I was very impressed with HP's testing methodologies and practices. Jimi(HP) and his team understand the importance and value of an engagement like this, and put a tremendous amount of effort into making sure the testing was comprehensive, fair, accurate, and conclusive. The overall project took well over 2 months and involved hundreds of different test passes. I tip my hat to all that were involved on their side.

I will hopefully find the time to post some more technical information on the testing & results, however in the meantime I just wanted to write this quick post to announce that the whitepaper is now public!