Nope. Wasn’t under the couch. In fact it turns out it wasn’t even missing, it’s just been overlooked and might already be in your data center.

app-delivery-missing-puzzle-piece As more organizations continue to make virtualization a core part of their overall application deployment strategy they are finding challenges associated with managing and, apparently, optimizing their newly created heterogeneous infrastructure. Kevin Fogarty, in “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch in 2010”, writes of some of the challenges with virtualization to come in the next year. One of those challenges is, apparently, optimization of resources across physical and virtual assets, at least according to Mark Bowker of the Enterprise Strategy Group.

blockquote "Anybody who can fill the gaps the big guys don't in helping virtualization admins provision and control their infrastructure is worth a look," adds Mark Bowker, virtualization specialist at Enterprise Strategy Group. "The real missing piece, though, is the ability to optimize performance across both physical and virtual assets."

Later, Kevin addresses the challenges associated with capacity planning in a virtualized environment.

blockquote In the virtual world, however, capacity management is something of a black art -- not because few people have thought of it, but because few have built tools to look at both the physical and virtual servers and see how many of one will overwhelm the other. VKernel's product works on both VMware and Microsoft's Hyper-V. Without detailed capacity planning based on real data -- not imagination -- large-scale virtualization of production systems is not practical, according to Chris Wolf, analyst at The Burton Group.