Just letting you all know that today launches the first useful article in the iC2I series - an article that allows you to find out which pools a node belongs to and explains why this is not trivial in iControl and how we go about resolving the problem of getting that list.

Next week's article will take what we did this week, add some tiny tweaks, and end with a program that will show you all of the Virtuals that would be affected if you take down a given node for maintenance. These are both common problems that we help solve on DevCentral, so this document is just a cleaning up and codification of advice both Joe and I have given repeatedly. But it's the start of a long series of articles that, we hope, will show you how to do those tasks that you have to tackle every day - without much overhead and with explanations of why we chose to write the code as we did.

If you have a task you want us to add to the list of upcoming iC2I articles, drop me a line. The reason we're here is to help you get the most out of your BIG-IP, so those suggestions will take priority over other items on our list. Given a choice, I write in Java, but I've got many years of .NET experience under my belt, so feel free to request samples in .NET also.

And drop me a line to let me know what you think of the series, how it could be improved, etc.


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