In case you hadn't noticed, F5 releases BIG-IP 4.6.3 at the end of last week, so I figured I better get to work and get the SDK out there as well. Well, I did and now iControl 4.6.3 SDK has just hit the streets. Whether your flavor is Windows or Unix, we've got you covered so hop on over to F5 Downloads and grab yourself a copy.

As always, our SDK's are cumulative over previous releases so you'll be able to use the 4.6.3 SDK on previous versions of your products, you just won't be able to access the newly added functionality.

As for features, we've enhanced the BaseServer, Globals, Region, and Topology interfaces in the ITCMGlobalLB (3-DNS) module as well as the Global, Pool, and VirtualServer interfaces in the LocalLB (BIG-IP) module.

We've also included some goodies in the java sample code. I'm not going to tell you outright, but I will give you a hint: You won't need to worry about this problem any longer. To find out more, you'll either have to search through the forums, or take a look at the updated sample code.

Cheers, and happy coding!