When we shipped DC4, we started looking at Windows PowerShell and how we could build some integration points with our products. The first pass was a set of PowerShell script files that we introduced in the PowerShell Labs section of DevCentral. No soon after we posted them, the requests started pouring in on when we would provide some native PowerShell CmdLets in addition to the function scripts.

Well, I spent a little bit of time working some out and whipped out a good first rough draft. I've been holding on to these for a while now but figured they would do better out in the wild then trapped in a folder on my laptop.

So, last night I posted an installer for the first release of the iControl CmdLets for PowerShell.  I also ran some screen captures on how to install and use the CmdLets but ended up with some technical difficulties with the screen capture software - Camtasia is now on order B-).  So, once I can get a good capture, be on the lookout.  In the mean time, here's a step by step on getting up and running with the new bits.

  1. Download and install PowerShell from Microsoft
  2. Go to the PowerShell Labs page on DevCentral and select the "Download Now" link.  This will download the Cmdlet installer.
  3. Run the iControlSnapInSetup.msi installer.  This will install the SnapIn into the c:\program files\F5 Networks\iControlSnapIn directory.
  4. Start PowerShell from the Windows Start menu.
  5. Cd to c:\program files\F5 Networks\iControlSnapIn directory
  6. Dot Source the setup script (only once after the install)
    PS > . .\setupSnapIn.ps1)
  7. Load the SnapIn into the Runtime
    PS > Add-PSSnapIn iControlSnapIn
  8. Initialize the iControl connection with the Initialize-F5.iControl CmdLet
    PS > Initialize-F5.iControl -Hostname bigip_address -Credentials (Get-Credential)
  9. Run the Get-F5.iControlCommands CmdLet to list out all the available Cmdlets.
    PS > Get-F5.iControlCommands
  10. Try out some of the CmdLets
    PS > Get-F5.LTMPool

That should be about it.  Hopefully I'll automate some of the setup procedures into the installer (if anyone knows how to get the Installer Project in VS.Net to include a shortcut to a non-project item, please let me know B-).