Quickstart Guide for .NET

For Visual Basic and C# developers, this QuickStart provides the basics for configuring your development platform to begin building iControl applications.

After configuring your development environment, be sure to download the iControl SDK for samples to begin working with the iControl API.

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You can use the Microsoft® .NET\u2122 development environment to develop custom network solutions with the iControl SDK using Microsoft Visual C#® or Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET programming languages. Once you set up your .NET environment according to the instructions in the Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET package, you can use the following sample applications in the iControl SDK.

Configuring .NET Security

To configure the client environment in .NET to allow communication with servers using un-trusted or self-signed server certificates, see the article Configuring .NET SSL Security in a Trusted Environment on this site.

Working with iControl Samples

To use the sample applications, load one of the following project solution files in your .NET development environment.

C# project solutions

    • For DOS-based console samples, load CSSamples.sln from the iControl SDK.
    • For Windows samples, load DistributionMonitor.sln from the iControl SDK.

Visual Basic .NET project solutions

    • For DOS-based console samples, load VBSamples.sln from the iControl SDK.