It's been a while since my last post.  The last few months have been pretty busy including releasing the new version of DevCentral, fixing all the things we missed in the migration, taking some long overdue time off, helping out in the forums, and working on a couple of other internal projects.

One of my pet-projects is DevCentral Labs. I'm on the lookout for a new project or two to take on.  Don has started the basis for one but I know there are other areas out there that could be covered.  I've been contemplating a Windows Mobile app next (in fact, I already have a compact framework version of the iControl Assembly that I plan on posting to soon).  Any ideas for that project, or any other project, would be highly appreciated!  Who knows, if you are up to doing some of the work, we can make you a co-lead on the project.

On the horizon...

Next week on Wednesday the 18th and 19th, I'll be at a Windows PowerShell Developer Conference at the Microsoft campus in Redmond.  Anyone else planning on being there?  If so, give me a shout.


And April 30-Mar 2, I'll be at Mix down in Las Vegas (which is already sold out!).  I know at least one of reading this will be there.  I couldn't convince Jeff to go this year, so I'll be there solo.  Anyone want to meetup and talk networking?  If we get enough of you, we can plan a mini F5 User Meetup - that way I can expense the drinks B-)... 




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