At least that's what Bryan Griffin thinks.  Bryan works on the team that manages the source control infrastructure at Microsoft and has a few things to say about F5's iControl SDK.

Per his post, he has "done quite a bit of work in the world of web operations".  In his travels, he has worked with various "application-aware network devices" and has found that "In the world of web ops you live in a world where precise application upgrades are crucial and downtime is sometimes not an option".

He has found that "hopping on a network device and issuing some cryptic commands to pull servers out of the web farm is not as elegant as one would like."

But it seems he doesn't feel that way about the BIG-IP!  In fact, he goes so far as to say that our open API's, and specifically iControl, is sexy!  Now, i've heard iControl called a lot of things, but sexy hasn't typically been on the top of the lists.

Thanks for the great compliments Bryan!  BTW, if you think iControl is sexy, I can't wait to get your take on our PowerShell extensions to iControl!

BTW, I think I smell a Victoria's Secret sponsorship coming soon B-).