Every morning while I drink my allowed daily allowance of caffeine I peruse through my news and blog feeds via Google Reader. I expect, and am not disappointed, to find that those items I marked as "read" yesterday are still marked as such, and that those I "starred" for follow up are also still marked as such. And of course every feed I've subscribed to still exists, just as it did the night before.

This seems like a trivial thing, because we've come to expect that our web applications are intelligent enough to remember our personal settings and configuration. If I've added a widget, gadget, or blog or news feed to any customizable site I expect that the application will remember it. Consumer and corporate users alike have come to expect a great deal of intelligence from the web.

The web is no longer a collection of simple, static HTML pages; it's grown into a full-fledge application delivery system full of dynamic, customizable applications. Enabling that delivery system is the core responsibility of the application delivery network, and in particular, the application delivery controller.

With that responsibility comes a heavy burden: support the dynamic nature of applications and demanding nature of users without sacrificing performance. And yet application fluency has always come at a cost, and that cost is almost always measured in terms of performance.

Imagine, then, an application delivery controller that's not only intelligent, but highly performant. Imagine enabling intelligence in the application delivery network without the traditional sacrifice required. Imagine being able to fulfill your webmaster's wish list without degrading performance.

Imagine millions of intelligent transactions per second. Not thousands, not hundreds of thousands, but millions.

Imagine an application delivery platform that is itself intelligent, built on a proven architecture that can be expanded upon with modules. Modules that provide even more intelligence around security, optimization, access control, and acceleration. An application delivery platform that enables you to architect the highest performing, most intelligent application delivery system you can imagine.

Imagine being able to implement intelligent, dynamic solutions at the application delivery controller that can be easily be applied to hundreds of servers - and applications - without sacrificing performance or rewriting applications. Imagine architecting creative solutions to your unique web application delivery problems by applying the intelligence of a highly performant, dynamic, and modularized application delivery controller. Imagine an application delivery controller that understands the nuances associated with applications and has the intelligence to be able to manipulate, manage, optimize, accelerate, and secure both packaged and custom applications alike.

Imagine the possibilities when you can incorporate the intelligence of such an application delivery controller with your applications.

Stay tuned...the possibility is about to become reality.