If you're an F5 customer running BIG-IP v4.x it's time to consider migrating to newer platforms. I know, why in the world would you want to upgrade when your BIG-IP has been running just fine for years?

Probably the most important reason is that F5 is ending the life of the 4.x release and will no longer focus resources on improving it. That means all the new improvements and innovation will continue to be put into the 9.x branch and without migrating you'll miss out on a lot of great opportunities to support new protocols, deploy new functionality and features, and take advantage of the benefits of the full proxy architecture of the 9.x release. With the fast pace at which new concepts such as cloud computing and virtualization are emerging, you'll need the most flexible, powerful, intelligent platform to keep up. That platform is 9.x.

If you haven't been considering migration of your 4.x platforms, here's just a few good reasons why you should seriously consider it now:

  1. Improves server efficiency. Features in 9.x like TCP Express and myriad TCP optimizations drastically improve the efficiency of your infrastructure, enabling consolidation that helps with virtualization and Green IT initiatives.
  2. New protocol support. Support for current protocols like XML and SIP is not available on the 4.x platforms, but is in the 9.x release.
  3. Enables agility. iRules were re-architected in the 9.x release, providing greater flexibility and ability to provide unique, innovate solutions that meet the needs of your unique environment and business.
  4. Innovative solutions. New solutions like e-mail and protocol security are available only on the 9.x platform.
  5. Lower TCO. Newer hardware platforms are more efficient and take advantage of multi-core processors to provide even greater performance per watt but these new platforms require the 9.x release.
  6. Broader community support. There are many more community members on DevCentral taking advantage of 9.x than 4.x.

There are many more reasons to upgrade, and you can find them at our 4.x Migration HQ. If you're still not convinced, head on over and check out some of the resources available to you that should help convince you that it's time to migrate to a new version of BIG-IP.

Your applications (and users) will thank you for it.