That’s a mouthful, but this is just a quick blog to point you at the actual blog I guest wrote for our F5 Fridays series.

In short, we’ve been toying with F5 BIG-IP WOM in the labs as a performance and distance enhancement tool for VMWare vMotion moves over the WAN when NetApp Flexcache is deployed. Pretty cool stuff, and while I wasn’t involved in all of the testing that went on, as the Technical Marketing Manager for WOM I did get to see the results as they rolled out of the lab.

Take a read if you’re doing Long Distance VMWare transfers with vMotion, it’s well worth the five minutes of your life – Efficient Long Distance Transfer of VMs with F5 BIG-IP WOM and NetApp Flexcache.

And next week we’ll return to my regularly scheduled meandering about IT management, storage, and WAN Optimization

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