Geeks are prone to many things. Some would say hubris, sarcasm and a love for computers defines us. Wikipedia seems to think it's glasses, comic books and computer games (scary accurate, in my case, minus the glasses).  One thing that many different sources seem to agree on as a common theme among geeks is toys.  Action figures, cube goodies, puzzles, and especially R/C toys.

Combining a love of childhood exuberance with a love of technology, R/C toys have long been a favorite Geekism of mine, though woefully neglected in recent years due to this whole "adulthood" thing sapping too much time (don't worry, I'm working on rectifying that situation STAT). This in mind, it should be no surprise that I was elated when our very own Deb mentioned she was ordering a set of Dueling Mini R/C Copters.


Okay, so I was mildly excited. I can't wait to get to fly our first dog-fight mission. We'll have to bust out the camera(s) for sure to let you join in on the action.  Heck, I might have to order my own set. Soon we'll have a squadron.  The DC Squadron! Ohhh, I like the ring of that.  That, combined with Don's Tank battalion, and we'll be an unstoppable force of RC madness! Muahahaha!