Twitter is one of those services on the web that you'll find galvanizes people into two real groups. The lovers and the haters. Some people love  twitter  for how easy to use it is, how up to date with their friends they can stay, the breadth of reach they can so easily find, and more.  Others hate it, considering it too much noise in the signal to noise ratio, inane, or even self-centered.  I, personally, fall squarely in the middle of these groups.

I do personally use twitter, but only for updating what I'm doing while at work. As part of my job here on the DC team is to be an evangelist, I figure twitter is just one more avenue to talk about what I'm up to, and why that might be interesting. If that results in a few more people checking out DevCentral, then so be it - all the better.

I can completely see both sides of this argument, however, and have heard either side of it more than once from various friends and co-workers, so it made me chuckle when I ran across an article called, "Power-Tweeting: 101 Everyday Users for Twitter". All of these, of course, could just as easily be debated as the use of twitter itself, but I thought it was worth a chuckle and wanted to share on this Friday before a holiday weekend.

I'll keep tweeting, and hopefully people will find some usefulness in those messages while the debate rages on into the annals of the web, right there along with the religious wars of which platform is best, how many spaces to indent your code, and which web-server reigns supreme.

See you all next week...